Finish Line Speed Clean Bike Degreaser (558ml)

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Finish Line Speed clean aeroso

Speed Bike Degreaser™ utilizes dry degreasing technology. As such, it leaves no residue and water rinsing is not required. Finish Line has recently added a turbo sprayer to its Speed Bike Degreaser™ which uses mechanical agitation to help quickly remove contaminants off the drivetrain.

Speed Bike Degreaser™ is formulated with specialized solvents which break down grease and grime and other solvents whose specialty is removing organic soils like dust and dirt.

Like its name suggests, Speed Bike Degreaser™ is the fastest way to clean a drivetrain. For most applications specialty brushes and tools are not required. Since Speed Bike Degreaser™ leaves no residue and dries rapidly, lubricant can be immediately applied and the bike can go on its way.

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Mais informação
MarcaFinish Line
número do fabricante4002090
Tipo de produto de cuidadoProduto de limpeza
Área de aplicaçãoCassete, Corrente, Quadro
Âmbito de entrega1 peça
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